Sunday, August 29, 2004

Elvis of the Phillipines: A Look Back

Chito Bertol, president of the Manila Seedling Bank Environmental Center is just one of those millions who refuse to let Elvis “the Legend” die. Chito’s admiration and passion for the king of rock and roll started in the 1950s. As a young boy looking for an idol, Chito imitated Elvis’s singing style and joined an amateur singing contest and won. Later, he tried bigger competitions and came out triumphant, beating 80 other contestants in a national championship; Chito was thereafter considered the Elvis Presley of the Philippines...

Here in the Philippines, there are quite a big number of Elvis tribute artists. In [Chito's] club alone, 20 percent of its members are aspiring to become an “Elvis look and sing alike.” To these young aspirants, Chito serves as the “guru.” Some of these artists have won in local contests.
"Diehard Elvis fans keep the legend alive" by Chat Alejandro in The Mainla Times


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