Thursday, August 12, 2004

Rock'n'Roll Camp for Girls

Look out, Elvis. Will the next rock icon be a girl? With the help of Misty McElroy, it could very well happen. She runs the recently opened Rock'n'Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, Orgeon.

A great article in the Village Voice by Sharon Lerner takes a look at the school and its growing popularity.

"Young female rockers have responded to the opportunity as if it were an offer to tour with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This year, more than 300 wannabe campers from almost every state and several countries applied for the two one-week sessions of camp, each of which could only accommodate 78 campers."

And what is best about it is that they don't teach what passes for music by the Britneys or Christinas or Jessicas of Top 40 Radioland. These ladies rock the House! Punk is more the rule here.

We need more camps like this all over the country, all over the world. Rock music shouldn't be a male only domain. Support this effort. Buy a CD, send a donation!


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