Thursday, September 23, 2004

Jersey's Eddie O'Rourke

Ever since he started up his Elvis Presley act more than 25 years ago, Eddie O'Rourke has told people that while he interprets "The King's" style, he doesn't do an impersonation.

"I don't sound like Elvis, and I don't try to," he said. "I try to get the feeling the same feeling he got when he sang. There was only one Elvis. I'll never be as good as he was. Even Elvis wasn't always as good as Elvis. Even Elvis knew how difficult it was living up to the myth."

Elvis hasn't always been his life. Eddie has played guitar with The Norman Luboff Choir, Les Paul Jr., and was a studio musician in Nashville for a time. He also owns a music store on Broadway in NYC.

from The Hudson Reporter, LINK


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