Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Please Sign This Petition Today!

I know that I might make some of you angry with this posting, but I have to do this. Here is a link for an online petition to stop the NRA's efforts to overturn the assault weapon ban. The petition was started by Tom Mauser who lost his son at Columbine High School. One of the killers used an illegal assault rifle. I can see no reason why any peace loving person should want to own such a weapon.

I had hoped to keep politics out of this blog, but in six days, on September 14, the ban on assault weapons is set to expire. Tell Congress to renew it. Tell them now. Please help spread the word.

Tom Mauser's petition

UPDATE: 9/9/04 It seems the leadership in the Senate and the House are refusing to even discuss this issue. No vote will take place. Call your representatives today!


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