Thursday, October 28, 2004

Largest event in Madison's history

Today an estimated 86,000 people turned out to see and mostly just hear Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, and John Kerry. It was reported to be the largest event in Madison Wisconsin's history. You can see the State Capital in the distance. It was solid all the way back there. An amazing day, an amazing event, an amazing man.

I apologize to you for bringing politics into this blog. It won't happen again. If you want politics, you can go to a thousand other blogs and websites. If you are voting for the other candidate, I respect your decision. I am sure you aren't jumping blindly and are doing what you truly believe is best, as am I. Today I'm just excited to be part of history in my community. Kerry is my choice and I know you can respect that as well. Let's be honest, conservatives know that Madison is a liberal stronghold. That is why the president made no effort to campaign here.

All I ask is that you go out and vote. Choose your candidate based on your own beliefs. Don't let anyone, the media especially, tell you how to cast your vote. On Nov 2 the election will be over. Perhaps then we can all get back to being friends and neighbors. More Elvis tomorrow.


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