Thursday, November 04, 2004

Being Elvis Dangerous To Health

VETERAN Elvis impersonator Dennis Stuart is hanging up his Blue Suede Shoes because his doctor has warned him that passive smoking is ruining his health. Fifty years spent crooning in smoky clubs have taken their toll on the 74-year-old and Dennis will perform his last club gig on November 13.

He said: "I wish I’d taken more care. I could have gone on for a couple of years but it would have been detrimental for my health. My doctor said the passive smoking is not doing me any good. I had bronchitis in August and he said, ‘You do not want to end up like Roy Castle’."


Update: For those in the USA that don't know Roy Castle, this is from

In 1992, entertainer Roy Castle was diagnosed with lung cancer. A lifelong non-smoker, he adopted a positive attitude to his situation and courageously devoted much of the last year of his life to promoting the work of the charity, to which he gave his name.


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