Thursday, November 11, 2004

Elvis Casting Call Update

I found listings of nearly 3 dozens simialr articles, all describing the various elvi that turned out for the open casting call. Yet in none of these articles did I find one picture. I would have thought this was a gimme. Have Elvis impersonators become too commomplace? I don't think so either.

Answering an open casting call that sought actors who looked 18 to 33 years of age and could sing 10 bars of any Elvis song, they came from all over the country, bringing guitars and gold sunglasses, wives and agents.

The line stretched a half-block down Beverly Boulevard, where a young Elvis imitator chatted with a middle-age facsimile who sported glued-on sideburns. There was a look-alike talking on his cell phone. And a wannabe checking his hairdo in the reflection of a minivan window.

Some looked pretty good in their tight pants, others never should have been allowed near a black leather jumpsuit. Blue suede shoes abounded, all worn with the hope of capturing the elusive essence of the King. . .

Inside the cold studio, in front of a red curtain with a hot microphone to sing into, things turned coldly professional. Voices cracked, nerves flared and, one by one, a sea of confident Elvis Presleys became a string of vulnerable pretenders.

"There are very few people who can walk through the door, step up to the mike and make you go 'Wow,"' said Peter Golden, CBS' executive vice president of talent and casting. "The trick is to show the boyish naivete that he had when he was starting out, then the tremendous superstar confidence in his 30s."

LINK at the LA Daily News


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