Sunday, November 28, 2004

Jason Netherton is "Almost Elvis"

Here's a cover story from a Canadian newspaper, the Kelowna Capital News, by Glenna Turnbull.

There’s no mistaking those side burns. Or the long strands of black hair that continue to fall forward onto Kelowna actor Jason Netherton’s face. One look and you know he’s either someone who doesn’t get out much and takes his fashion advice from 45-year-old magazines or he’s an Elvis impersonator.

Jason laughs, “Yeah I get a lot of feedback on the sideburns, I usually keep them trimmed a little closer than this,” he says, running his fingers over the inch thick face fur...
In order to get their show completely authentic, they spent countless hours studying videos and documentaries and have come up with two full shows: One based on the 1968 Comeback Tour and the second on the documentary from 1972 entitled, That’s the Way it Is.

“We studied the shows for the last year and a half from the DVDs and videos and we mimic them to as close as we can get. There aren’t too many other tribute bands who have taken the time to get down all the music transitions and musical parts of the show. We’re trying to completely recreate the live version of what they’d see on the DVD.”

Even the costumes are completely authentic. Jason says, “There’s only one place that’s authorized from Graceland to make authentic Elvis costumes…this costume, (he says of the black leather ensemble) cost $3,000, and the other one (his white suit) was about $2,000. They’re actually stitched by the same guy that stitched Elvis’ costumes.”



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