Saturday, November 13, 2004

"Larry The Cable Guy" Interview

He stars on The WB's "Blue Collar TV" at 8 p.m., and has a book and Pixar animated film ("Cars") on the way. He's Larry the Cable Guy. I have never seen him or the TV show, but if this interview with The Ledger out of Lakeland , FL is any indication, he's a very funny guy.

I was born in southeast Nebraska in a town of 12,000 on a pig farm. I came to Florida with my parents when I was 16.

Q. What was the Sunshine State's allure?

A. My mom was an Elvis impersonator. We wanted her to get where more people could see her so we came down here to Sanford. This is the home of (Elvis impersonators).

My great-great grandpa, actually, was an Elvis impersonator in 1918. It never really caught on then; he didn't have that big a crowd.



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