Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Charity Of The Elvi At Christmas

The spirit of Christmas seems to be alive and well throughout the land.

from Business Wire

Las Vegas' very own, Trent Carlini, considered to be the world's best Elvis stylist (performer) came to say, "Thank you. Thank you very much."

Carlini brought hundreds of toys and gifts for all of the children at Las Vegas' Child Haven, a safe haven/refuge center for abused, abandoned and neglected children, ages 3 days to 17 years old. "Trent's holiday spirit brought so much joy to the kids at Child Haven and his encouraging words for the kids to find and follow their dreams was a great inspiration. The kids singing a few of Elvis' favorite songs, like 'Blue Christmas' and 'Hound Dog' was incredible!" stated Child Haven Manager Lou Palma.

Stated Carlini, "Many times, it's the nurses and caretakers of these children who are so often overlooked; and if anyone has ever had a child in the hospital, or away from them for any length of time, it's these special type of people that you want to acknowledge, specifically, for their unselfish love and tireless dedication in keeping the children safe, comfortable and happy, and we hope that we brought them a little joy during the holidays. To them we say, 'Thank you so very much.'"

Asked why Carlini does these kind gestures, he replied, "My band and I had a great run this year at the Las Vegas Hilton International where the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself performed his biggest concerts including his famous '68 comeback show; and, because we had literally thousands of people from Las Vegas and from around the world who came to support us, every year, we show our great appreciation by donating gifts to children who are in need, and we do this on our audiences' behalf."

from the Breeze Olney Times of Philadelphia

Who knew? Elvis knows Santa Claus.

The two celebrities performed at the same holiday party at Riverview Home, 7979 State Road. The party was coordinated by the Justice Frank J. Montemuro, Jr. Lodge #2193, Order of Sons of Italy in America.

"I've never been to an activity or event that kept their attention for so long," said Debbie Conway, recreation supervisor for the elderly and disabled residential care home. "I spent most of the time watching their reactions. It was a great event."

Elvis impersonator Michael Kubach and Jillian Feurer, a dancer and student at Rock School, entertained the audience alongside Santa's Elf Sharon Hill.

"They were singing, clapping, stirring up memories," said Naomi Maisonet, social worker.

from KCTV5 in WICHITA, Kan

Roy Helm's work wardrobe is a little more out there than most businessmen's. For one thing, he has a belt that weighs 10 pounds. It's part of one of his four Elvis costumes. Helm spends much of his time dressed up as Elvis.

Helm performed Wednesday for food service workers at Colwich Charter School. Kitchen manager Janice Hageman organized the concert for her staff. She came to know Helm through Shiloh Enterprises. Helm has sold the school cleaning supplies.
When she learned Helm also performed, Hageman called him about performing for her staff. He put on a short Elvis concert.

"He's such a happy and nice guy that you can't help but love him," Hageman said.

At first, some of her staff was dubious about an Elvis impersonator. "You'd never think such an awesome voice would come out of such a short guy," Hageman said, chuckling.

Helm said the best part of what he does is helping people forget their problems for a while.


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