Sunday, December 12, 2004

Dueling Elvi

from the "Better Late Than Never" Folder.
The contest mentioned in the article was yesterday. I'll see if I can find out who won.
Elvis - both of him - has entered the building. There are hundreds of Elvis impersonators in the world. At the All Stars Sports Bar in Seabrook on Saturday night, it will come down to just two: the 1960s crooner Elvis, Ralph Brown of Seabrook; and 1970s Las Vegas Elvis, William "Elvis" Bishop of North Hampton.

The men will compete "American Idol" style for the "Undisputed Title of ‘The King’," and for a lavish Elvis-style belt that started the whole affair rolling.

The belt originally belonged to Bishop, who agreed to sell it to Brown for $50, knocking $25 off the price because the men knew each other. Before Brown paid Bishop, the belt broke.

"The night I put it on it broke in half," said Brown. Bishop claims Brown fiddled with the clasps and broke it.

Currently holding the piece is Brown’s friend, Phil Englehardt, owner of the Honey Bee in Seabrook and recent self-published author of "Motorcycle Man," a semi-autobiographical novel about the restless proprietor of a doughnut shop. If anyone could see a promotional event in such a dispute, it was Englehardt, who has been touring New England marketing his book. In tow has been Brown, who is mentioned in "Motorcycle Man."
The show’s $10 admission will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Seacoast.

from the Exeter News-Letter


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