Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Elvis Celebrates Life

Joseph Creazzo's reverence for Presley blossomed into complete devotion after the Elvis imitator was seriously injured in a car wreck in 1990. Creazzo has been involved in two major automobile collisions and has required nearly two dozen surgeries as a result.

During one surgery for his back in 1992, Creazzo had a vision he'll never forget.

"There was a big shining light, and I couldn't reach it," Creazzo said. Beckoning him toward the light was his favorite musician. In the dream, Creazzo could only walk in place and could not reach Elvis.

"I couldn't get through that doorway," Creazzo said. "I wanted to, but I couldn't get there."

When he recovered from his operation, Creazzo was inspired to share his love of Elvis with the world. He sewed three Spandex bodysuits with metal studding reminiscent of Elvis. He started taking singing lessons five years ago. He now styles his hair and talks like Elvis. Impersonating Elvis has become Creazzo's way of life.

from the article by Rudy Miller for the Express-Times, New Jersey


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