Thursday, December 02, 2004

Joseph Chavez

Just ask Joseph Chavez — it takes time and money to be the King. Well, like the King anyway.

Hanging on his walls, rhinestones glitter on blue and white jumpsuits accented by gold and red capes. Chavez is preparing to head out to a casino for an Elvis look-alike contest, and he means to win...

For nearly two years, the retired schoolteacher has been taking his Elvis impersonation to parties, casinos and senior citizen centers...

Chavez said his favorite venue remains the different senior citizen centers where he can see his audience members smiling in remembrance.

"They all tell me their stories about Elvis. How some of them have met him, what he was like. They'll say that Elvis really gave them one of his scarves at a show, or he gave them a hug. I get a lot of satisfaction from putting smiles on their faces. It keeps me going," he said. "Some ladies come up to me, tap me on the shoulder and say things in like, 'Hey, I thought that you passed away!' Another lady was picking at my costume and I realized she was trying to steal one of the rhinestones off of my costume!"

from The Valencia County News-Bulletin, Belen, NM


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