Friday, December 24, 2004

An Onion Surprise For Valerie Guzman!

As part of the Wisconsin Book Festival this year my wife Laurie, seen above on the right, and I attended a panel discussion with 6 writers from the staff of The Onion, the wonderful satirical newspaper. It was a hysterically funny talk and I am extremely jealous of their work. We pick up a paper every week.

As some of you may know The Onion originated here in Madison, WI, before recently moving to New York due to their overwhelming popularity. Whenever they return to the Midwest they like to take pictures of their audiences since they find that Midwestern faces are more universal. They like to use them in the stories. So they made the offer. Anyone who wished could be photographed. They made no guarantees the pictures would ever be used.

Laurie decided she wanted to have her picture taken, but by the time we got to the line there were about 60 people in front of us. So we went for a walk down State St. Returning about a half hour later for another talk we saw the line had finally dwindled to 3 or 4. Laurie jumped in line and had her picture taken 4 or 5 times. I think they liked her.

We then forgot all about it.

Yesterday our son was out with some of his friends and they picked up a copy of this week's Onion.

"Dude, this picture looks like your mom," said his friend Tom.

Our son Shaun remembering the picture taking story said, "That is my mom."

"No, it really does look like your mom,' said Tom.

"No, that really is my mom!" said Shaun.

The title of the story is "Area Daughter Belittled Out of Concern" and is on the bottom of the front page, two stories down from "Weed Delivery Guy Saves Christmas". Laurie's comment was, "At least I'm not the weed delivery guy."

I have since sent the news to all of our relations and friends. We have no idea who the young woman is on the left or what the background is since Laurie was photographed against a blank wall. Never the less she is famous, at least her picture is.

Moral of the story: Be careful of what you wish for, it just might come true... all over the country.


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A little late... but here is a link to the article...

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