Sunday, January 30, 2005

" Bibo Orange Juice drinked by Usher "

Okay, you've bought the Elvis water, and then you bought the cup that once held the Elvis water. Now on eBay you can buy "Bibo Orange Juice drinked by Usher". The description leaves a lot to the imagination. "This is drinked by Usher!" There is no picture. I guess the seller believes that is all any true Usher fan needs to know.

Now this one is dear to my heart. Not because of my love for Usher, I could really care less about the man or his music, but because my surname is Bibo. And I can't get Bibo Juice in Wisconsin. I have even written to the company asking if I could get a poster, a case of the stuff, anything. They responded in a brief email that they can't, or won't, do that.

Hurry, only 5 days left. Bid price is $2.00 Canadian. As of this writing there are no bids. Not even mine.


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