Monday, January 03, 2005

Elvis is the worst?

Happy New Year, everyone! We're back and getting ready for Elvis Birthday Bashes all over the world this Saturday, the 8th.

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Elvis Presley impersonator Steve Connolly fired off an e-mail to Blender Magazine in New York blasting its publisher Felix Dennis for tagging Presley (in the current issue) as one of "The 25 Worst Rock-Star Actors." The Winchester-born performer, who's appeared more than 3,000 times at the MGM Grand in Vegas, says that the younger Presley was a "charming, extraordinarily talented, glamorous original." (We're reminded that many people might say that of Madonna. Oops, the maggie put her at the top of its list of the worst.) "As a matter of fact," Connolly wrote, "Presley's 1957 movie, 'Jailhouse Rock' was just chosen by the Library of Congress to be included in the National Film Registry." Not that the government's ever made a mistake before. For those out there who agree with Connolly -- and we know you're legion this time of the year -- "Jailhouse Rock" will be screened at a bash to mark the 70th anniversary of Elvis's birth, at Boston Rocks in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace on Wednesday. And Connolly belts out "Jailhouse Rock" classics in his "Love Him Tender: Spirit of the King" concert at the Berklee Performance Center on Saturday -- the King's actual birthday.


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