Saturday, January 08, 2005

Happy Birthday, Elvis!

Where ever you are. You certainly are in the news today. All over the world. Here's a small sampling.

Happy Birthday, man.

from The Examiner, Jackson Cty, Missouri

Tarry Westley, Blue Springs, and June Moore, Independence, are working on keeping Elvis' memory alive in Eastern Jackson County. Both are celebrated Elvis' birthday, today, in their own way.

Westley sat on a bar stool dressed in a white jump-suit decorated with sequins and beads that formed an eagle. Inspired by Elvis, Westley strummed his guitar and
sang songs in his best Elvis voice.

"I don't fake it, I don't train it, I don't practice it ­ this is me," Westley said. "People don't understand when I sing this is me."

from Florida Today online

If he were alive today, would Elvis have a full head of silver hair or would he be bald? Would he be still singing, or would he be a recluse? There's no doubt about it for Rockledge Elvis tribute artist Jack Smink: The King would have aged gracefully.

"I think he would have looked like his daddy, who was a handsome man for his age. I think Elvis' hair would have been gray, but he still would have been a handsome son of a gun," he said.!NEWSROOM/peoplestoryL108ELVIS0.htm

from Cleveland's The Plain Dealer

Sing a dirge for Da Vinci. Poor fella was stuck with that Mona Lisa woman and a slab of pine. Just think what kind of artist he could've been if he'd had Elvis and black velvet. One thing's certain: He'd be a lot more popular in Ohio.

from The Guardian, UK

If Elvis Presley were alive - which many believe him to be - he would be 70 years old today. And tonight, all over Britain, America and elsewhere, those who adore and those who impersonate "the King" will be gyrating, rocking and rolling.

It is a milestone night in the world of global Graceland, a night for what the faithful call Elvents, starring people like the Chinese Elvis, the Calypso Elvis, the Jewish Elvis, El Vez in Mexico and Emerald Elvis in Ireland.

from the Asbury Park Press, New Jersey

"Larger than life" is a phrase tossed around in American culture much like the word "genius" is overused in Hollywood. Fact is, few in Tinseltown merit the genius tag, and even fewer celebrities deserve to be placed on a Mount Rushmore scale. There are few entertainers who are huger than huge, and perhaps the biggest of these is Elvis Presley.

The King of Rock 'n' Roll, who died in 1977, would have turned 70 on Saturday. He remains as massive an icon in death as he was (both literally and figuratively, toward the end) in life. His legend transcends mere popularity.,21625,1166934,00.html


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