Thursday, February 17, 2005

Another Attempt At The Record

He had it, he lost it, now he wants it back again. What, you ask? The record for continuosly singing Elvis songs.

Gary Jay set the original Guinness world record for singing Elvis songs non-stop for 25 hours 22 minutes and 30 seconds, while dressed as the King himself, in 2002. But last year German Elvis impersonator Franz Nubel smashed the record after performing for 42 hours, 16 minutes and eight seconds. Now the father-of-four Gary wants his crown back and has embarked on a new record-breaking attempt.

The full-time Elvis impersonator said: "I have always been a big fan of Elvis and his music. I set the record originally so it would be nice to reclaim it."

Gary, 41, of Cavalry Drive, March, is only allowed to pause between songs for a maximum of 30 seconds and will only get a 15 minute break from singing every four hours. This means he will effectively go without sleep for two days, but this isn't his biggest worry.

He said: "I'm a bit of an insomniac so I don't think sleep deprivation will be too much of a problem. My main concern is whether my voice will last for that length of time."

In a bid to prepare himself for the challenge Gary has been singing for at least two hours every day and is confident he will make the full 48 hours.

He said: "I'm as confident as I can be in the circumstances. I learnt a lot from my previous experience. I have altered my usual set list and will just be singing, not performing, as I couldn't do that for a full 48 hours."

Gary will have lots of friends, family and members of the public supporting him throughout his record-breaking attempt, which kicked off at 1pm yesterday.
Stay tuned and we'll tell you if he makes it.


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