Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Life As A Tribute Band

This article by ERIK HIMMELSBACH says a lot about the state of entertainment today. Nobody wants to take a chance, to hear an original band. They like the tried and true old favorites. Maybe that's why so many movies are being made from old TV shows, sort of a tribute movie.

Paladino’s does book original bands, but it’s the tributes that pay the rent. The club’s tucked into a funky L-shaped retail corner in a bleak pocket of Reseda that’s like an industrial-nightmare flashback from Repo Man. Its neighbors are body shops, a cigarette retailer, the Frisky Kitty strip club, and a coin laundry.

“The original bands don’t have the following,” says Sano. “With a cover band, people know what to expect, and I don’t think people are ready for a lot of experimentation. You’re not going to spend your money and gamble. Most people go to a safe haven.”

from Los Angelos City Beat


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