Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Impersonators Fill Jacko Re-enactments

I hadn't realized that E! network had sunk so low until I heard Lewis Black rail about it on The Daily Show last night. It seems that in their never ending quest for knowledge E! has decided to re-enact the entire Michael Jackson trial as it happens, but using a real professional Michael Jackson impersonator. Is this the crest of entertainment journalism, or an all time low?
I suppose it all started with Elvis Presley...

After that dark day in August 1977 when Graceland changed from a residence into a museum, there followed a bumper crop of folks mining that same showbiz vein, so many that they hold Elvis impersonator conventions from time to time...

So it was only inevitable that we would have impersonators for the biggest pop star of the past 25 years. Yes, I'm talking about Michael Jackson. And Edward Moss, the King of Pop's best-known professional doppelganger.

Until recently, you would have had to be a fairly obsessive Jackson fan to realize that Moss even existed. He's turned up in commercials and music videos and did a brief Jacko impression in the film "Scary Movie 3."

Now he's made his break for the A-list with his latest gig — as the star of the latest TV innovation, Michael Jackson trial re-enactments. For those of you who missed this development, cable channel E! is bringing modern technology to bear on the venerable tradition of having artists render courtroom scenes in crayon and charcoal...

Let's just hope that Moss isn't so successful aping Michael that he carries his re-enactments too far. From what I hear, one Neverland Ranch is apparently one too many.

Written by Francis Volpe for The Sentinel of Carlisle, Pa.


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