Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The German Doppelgangers

Berlin is home to serious culture vultures, but the city’s top private production isn’t a heavy opera or play. Rather, Germans are flocking to a Vegas-style show featuring some of the world’s best doppelgangers...

"Stars in Concert," which has been running at the Estrel for eight years. Producer Bernhard Kurz -- the man credited with first bringing musicals such as "Cats" and "Phantom of the Opera" to Germany -- has clearly hit on winning formula...

"Some people take it as a joke, have a laugh and say, oh, they're just impersonators, but there are actually a lot of talented people in the business," says Grahame P. Doyle, the Elvis of "Stars in Concert."

He should know. In the world of showbiz impersonators, being Elvis is possibly the biggest challenge of all, due to the extraordinary amount of competition.

"There's a lot of Elvis impersonators -- maybe as many as 40,000 around the world," says Doyle. "But if you break it down to the handful that give you goose bumps, those that truly bring respect to his character, then you can knock off about 95 percent of those people."

from Deanne Corbett, DW-WORLD.DE



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