Monday, April 04, 2005

Search for new 'King' to record newly found Elvis song

When a song written by Elvis Presley, which was never released by the King, surfaced last month at auction on eBay, Chris Davidson knew he had to have it.

Davidson, 40, who opened the Elvis-A-Rama Experience in Las Vegas more than five years ago, has announced a world wide search for someone to fill Elvis's blue suede shoes.

"We're looking for the world's best Elvis impersonator to record the song," said Davidson. "We hope to consummate an agreement with a production company for a multi-episode reality TV show."

"If I'd Only Bought Her Roses" is the only song co-written by Elvis and Paul Terry King, an association that dates back to the late 60s, at American Sound Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis recorded his last number one hit, "Suspicious Minds," there in 1969.

"Roses," registered in 1973 with BMI, appears to have been inspired by the lost love that both artists were experiencing in their personal lives at the time. Elvis was freshly wounded from his divorce from child-bride Priscilla Beaulieu, an event made official in October 1973. The song was never recorded.

The song is unique in that Elvis is credited for very few songs as a composer/songwriter. It is our intention for the song to be released on the 50th Anniversary of Elvis's first Gold Record, Heartbreak Hotel, which was released in January 1956.

The Elvis-A-Rama Museum is in the process of creating an international contest for the impersonators with tryouts likely to be held in Sydney, Frankfurt, Tokyo, London, New York, Los Angeles and Memphis as prime locations. Final selection will take place in Las Vegas, where the winner will appear in an engagement at the Elvis-A-Rama Experience. Impersonators will be judged in three categories: vocal talent, appearance, and stage presence.

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