Sunday, September 25, 2005

Elvis - a strange one and a true one

When Las Vegas Elvis impersonator James Rompel was invited to perform at the World of WearableArt shows in Wellington, he couldn't throw his blue suede shoes into his suitcase fast enough.

As a special guest of WOW, a leather-clad Rompel appears on stage during the bizarre bra section of the show. His debut performance on Friday night sent a few obvious Elvis fans into a frenzy. He will perform at each show till the final night on Sunday.

"I'm platinum blond by nature. My grandmother used to colour my hair and eyebrows in dark on photographs of me. She used to chide me and say in a New York accent, `You look like Presley, you're wasting time'. I'd just say, `You're high, grandma'."

But nana knew best and today Rompel makes a living from his impersonations of Elvis – something that involves a hefty amount of hair dye and numerous figure-hugging outfits.,2106,3423818a11215,00.html

Pink Elvis
A strange little movie of animated Elvi floating and gyrating in a pink void.,2106,3423818a11215,00.html


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