Sunday, August 08, 2004

Elvis' band takes up a struggler' cause!

My first question: Why did I have to learn about this on webindia? No mention of it anywhere else.

Washington August 08, 2004 4:47:39 PM IST

Tribute band 'The Jordanaires', girl group 'The Sweet Inspirations', and Elvis Presley's 'TCB' band have teamed up for the first time since their leader's death in 1977 to help a struggling rocker John Kondes.

According to, Presley's songwriting collaborators Paul Evans and Dennis Lindy have also signed up for recording sessions.

What is more amusing is that the standout track in Kondes' new untitled album, 'The End', is a track his father Jimmy wrote for Elvis. The King never recorded the tune but he serenaded his wife Priscilla with the song. (ANI)

My next question: Who is John Kondes? I just can't find any information on him anywhere. Can anyone help out?


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