Saturday, August 14, 2004

Elvis vs The Olympics

I am in a quandary. It's Elvis Week with lots of great stories and photos coming out of Memphis right now. But it is also the Olympics in Athens, Greece. Looking for a way to combine these two things I googled Elvis Presley Olympics. Here's what I found.

Elvis' Olympic Tribute - A set of 10 photos exhibited at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. The photos taken on October 26, 1957 just minutes before his performance at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium.

Lots of international Elvis fan clubs donating money to their local Special Olympics.

How figure skater Elvis Strojko got his name. It seems his mother "happened to be gonzo over Elvis Presley. She had already demonstrated a flair for tribute--daughter Elizabeth salutes the British Queen, and as for son Attila, well ... and so she named the new kid for the King."

On Monday, August 18, 1958, the Canadian music charts "Western Movies" by The Olympics at #12, and "King Creole" by Elvis Presley at #16.

A team at the Emotional Olympics is going under the name of Elvis Presley.

And my favorite little known Elvis Olympic fact: After a bitter divorce with his first wife, Bruce Jenner, 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medal winner, married Linda Thompson, a former girlfriend of Elvis Presley, but that didn't last. He's now on number 3.

I'm off to watch the Olympic Table Tennis competition.


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