Monday, August 16, 2004

Elvis Week Pt. 2

David Lee wins the Images of the King contest. He becomes the first impersonator to win both contest and the Collingwood, Ontario, Elvis Festival, the world's largest.

"This is the ultimate stamp of approval to show you're doing the right thing," said David Lee, a tribute artist from Birmingham and the winner of this year's contest. He also won the People's Choice award.

Dwight Icenhower was second-place winner and Todd Martin was third. Rick Fary won the Spirit of Elvis award. "

One event that looks like fun is the Dead Elvis Ball, a non Elvis Presley Enterprises sanctioned event. I am so there.

One negative is the official Elvis website,, and their coverage of the candlelight vigil at Elvis' grave. This year, as in the past few years, it was only made available to AOL subscribers, shutting the rest of us out. We can watch recorded highlights in a few days. I guess dollar signs mean more to EPE than the fans.

For an excellent wrap up of the weekend's events check out this article from the Memphis newspaper, The Commercial Appeal.


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