Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Pam Anderson, Author?

And now for something completely different! I did warn you I would jump around. More Elvis tomorrow.

I am so jealous! Why is it every celebrity under the sun wants to write a book and then they easily get it published? Sorry, rhetorical question.

NEW YORK, Aug 01, 2004 (United Press International) --
U.S. actress Pam Anderson who appeared in "Baywatch" and "Home Improvement" is displaying a new talent -- she's written a novel.

Anderson, who also posed for Playboy, has written an autobiographical novel with the help of ghost writer Eric Shaw Quinn, entitled "Star, A Novel," which Anderson says is "inspired" by her own life, the New York Post reported.

The heroine is a wholesome Canadian girl who grows up on a small island, posed for a men's magazine and becomes an overnight sex symbol.

Now excuse me while I get in line to have my copy signed.


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