Sunday, August 01, 2004

Support your local Elvis!

Are they true believers? Or just pretenders to the throne?

Elvis Impersonators come in all shapes, sizes, and sexes. From slick Las Vegas productions to small town bar rooms to international competitions and with abilities as varied as their costumes.

Many do it out of love for the music and the man that came before them. Some may have discovered a likeness in sound or appearance they feel they can capitalize on. Others do it just for fun. And it must be fun. Just look at the diversity. Whatever your feelings toward Elvis Presley, call him a King or a Clown, I think you will agree that his copies are as fascinating as the man himself.

I have been in contact with over hundreds Elvis Impersonators, or Elvis Entertainers as some would prefer. These are some of the nicest people I have ever met or corresponded with. Each is filled with a genuine love of what they do and are happy to share it. Many I have met are shown on my website, The Hall Of Kings, at

In the days that follow this blog will share current news concerning the world of the Elvis Impersonator, appearance schedules and fan updates, whatever happens, we'll try to cover it. Some news will be amusing, some might be sad, but it should all be entertaining. In addition, I'll be throwing in a few comments, here and there, about anything or everything that catches my eye. Just a warning, my interests vary widely.

So step right up. Have your ticket ready. Come sit beside me in the third row as we watch the performances take center stage. The King may be dead, but the Kings live on.


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