Wednesday, September 29, 2004

El Vez in SF

I have to start doing this in the morning because again I am late in reporting an event of magnitude in the Elvi world. The one and only El VEz was in San Fransico tonight at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts unveiling his new show, "El Vez For Prez". According to the East Bay Express:

All music lovers owe it to themselves to experience El Vez at least once, and this is certainly his most topical show, proving he's the candidate with the best hair, the best music, and by far the most insight into American politics, especially relating to different cultures and borders, particularly the Mexican one.

El Vez is by far one of my favorites. The show, the music, the style just can't be beat. He was my first Elvis autograph and can still be seen in the Hall of Kings at By all means necessary, check him out live.

story LINK
official website, be sure to check out the merchadise section where you can purchase a lock of his hair with the autograph of his barber!


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