Monday, September 06, 2004

International Elvi coming to La Crosse, WI

Ronny Craig's Elvis Explosion is coming to LaCrosse, WI on Sept. 10-12.
Elvis is big everywhere, Craig said, which is why he's got an English Elvis, an Italian Elvis and an Australian Elvis performing at the Elvis Explosion.

"It's universal. It's all over the world. I'm coming back from Memphis, and they had impersonators from Belgium and the Philippines."

This could only have happened with Elvis, Craig said, because of the man's charisma and his large body of work.

"With Patsy Cline, all the singers would be up there singing ‘Crazy'," Craig said, but they have hundreds of Elvis songs from which to choose. "He recorded over 700 songs. And he was really charismatic. And dying so young, there was a mystique."
from a story by Geri Parlin for the La Crosse Tirbune, LINK
Info / Tickets / Entries 608-785-7464


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