Sunday, October 24, 2004

Arnie Introduces New Hummer

I din't know how you feel but I believe the Hummer H2 is the sorriest excuse for an autmobile that ever existed. No one needs a vehicle that big and that fuel inefficient no matter how important you think you are, especially at this time of war.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a number of them. When he was running for governor he promised he would convert one to run on hydrogen to show his environmental side. He hasn't done that yet, but he has done what he thinks is the next best thing. On Friday he introduced
a hydrogen-powered Hummer custom-built by General Motors at his request.

The governor drove the shiny blue SUV to a hydrogen fueling spot at Los Angeles International Airport to tout his $100 million plan for a "hydrogen highway" of such stations.

Schwarzenegger was the first person to buy a Hummer, a civilian version of the military vehicle that caught the public's attention during the Gulf War. GM estimates the latest version of the vehicle, the 6,400-pound H2, gets 10 to 13 miles per gallon. Dealers put the figure at 8 to 10 mpg.

Though Schwarzenegger arrived at the event in a low-pollution vehicle, he left in a gasoline-powered SUV that typically gets about 15 mpg. Officials said the hydrogen Hummer needs to refuel every 50 miles and there are only about a dozen fueling stations across the state.



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