Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dolly's Dream About Elvis

About 30 years ago Elvis Presley asked a pretty blond country singer if he could record a love song she'd penned. The request for "I Will Always Love You" stirred Dolly Parton's blood.

"I got so excited," she drawled wide-eyed, recounting the story for a packed house at CasinonRama in Ontario cottage country over the weekend. "I told everybody Elvis was doing it."

But Colonel Parker wanted half the publishing rights and Parton, a savvy business woman, wasn't ready to give that up.

"I was disappointed I never got Elvis to record it . . . but Whitney (Houston) did it and made me a ton of money," laughed the 58-year-old music and film star. "It has been the biggest song of my career."

She told the story to set up a new song she's written, "I Dreamed About Elvis", to memorialize the event. I Dreamed About Elvis is a novelty song performed with an impersonator who eventually sings her famous ballad by the end of the track. Parton said it will appear on a CD scheduled for release in early 2005.



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