Friday, October 15, 2004

Elvis Is At The Cooter Festival

In St. Petersburg, FL on Saturday they're holding an Elvis look-alike contest as part of the annual Catfish Festival on the Courthouse Square, which is part of the Cooter Festival that lasts all month.

The Elvis Presley look-alike contest will be judged by Kenny Watson, a Citrus County emergency worker who is also an Elvis impersonator. Contestants for the Elvis contest do not have to sing; it's sufficient just to resemble the King. Also, males and females can enter the look-alike contest. Prizes will be awarded in two age brackets, 15 and younger and 16 and older.

That's it, just dress up like him. That's just too easy to me. Still it sounds like some silly fun. Hmmm. There's also a catfish eating contest. Just be careful of the bones.

from the St. Petersburg Times: LINK

Anybody know what a Cooter is and why it needs a festival?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol A cooter is actually a turtle. The festival is suposed to be a celebration for the turtle. As most people know "cooter" is also a slang word for a part of the female anatmony.. they sold t-shirts that said "i ate cooter in citrus county" and "alittle cooter never hurt anyone" I live in the town that held the festival and it was great , alot of fun lol

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