Saturday, October 02, 2004

Surgery Brings Elvis To Life

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When Dave Boyle woke up after triple-bypass surgery in 1995, he was a new man. In fact, he was Elvis. Before you say, "Yeah, right, and I'm Popeye the Sailor Man," and dismiss this as just another Elvis-sighting story, Boyle insists that while he's not really Elvis, something strange did happen to him in the operating room.

"The tubes that were down my throat played around with my vocal chords," says the raven-haired and mutton-chopped 62-year-old North Fort Myers resident.

Almost instantly after the surgery, Boyle's wife — again, no joking, Priscilla — noticed something different about him. "He had a good voice before, but it wasn't as deep," says Priscilla. "The surgery made him sound more like Elvis."

Now Dave performs regularly throughout southwest Florida as a popular Elvis impersonator.
from The News-Press LINK
hear Dave sing here LINK


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