Sunday, November 14, 2004

"Pat Boone Sings Guess Who?"

You should have realized that I have a quiet obbsession with Elvis Impersonators. Not only do I collect their autographs, of which over 125 can be seen at The Hall of Kings on my website,, but I also collect newspaper articles and their music. My favorite are the vintage vinyl record albums. Above is my newest aquisition. Yes, that's Pat Boone recorded in "ultra high fidelity", not to be confused with stereo.
from the liner notes:
I have most of his records, have seen most of his films and have even come to know him personally. You might even call me a fan - (of course, you can call me anything you like - it's a free country).

I like the honest way he sngs, and many of his songs. Secretly- I've often wanted to sing some of them.

Now, not so secretly - in fact, rather conspicuously - I've done it!
I guess everybody wants to be Elvis at some point.
I'll post more of my albums as I get to them.


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