Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Pee-wee's Playhouse On DVD!!!

It's true! Finally all episodes of Pee-Wee's Playhouse are being released on DVD. I love this show! It was near comic perfection. This is a must have!

The sought-after renaissance comes as all 45 episodes of Pee-wee's Playhouse arrive on DVD in two box sets, seasons 1-2 and seasons 3, 4, and 5 on Nov. 16. The release includes six episodes that never aired.

"That's been my dream since the first DVD I saw, to have that show come out on DVD," says Reubens, 52. "The show looks so much more incredible than I've ever seen it look."

Pee-wee's Playhouse won 22 Emmy awards during its run on CBS from 1986-91. It was a surrealistic children's TV show with music, clay animation, puppetry and inanimate objects, including a globe and a chair, that sprang to life. Pee-wee's trademark phrases — "That's so funny, I forgot to laugh" — became part of the national lexicon.

I'm getting mine today!
LINK to story in USA Today
LINK to seasons 1-2, Pee-Wee V1
LINK to seasons 3-5, Pee-Wee V2


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