Sunday, December 19, 2004

Lighting Xmas - The Elvi Way

In Mahwah, the king of all displayers is well-known Elvis impersonator Tony Destro, who bedecks his house, a miniature version of Graceland. So many callers sought directions to the Victoria Lane house that police put a recorded message on their phone system. Police also set down cones to control traffic and issued passes to neighborhood residents, so they can bypass the hours-long line of people waiting to see Destro's lights.

Michael-Ann Floyd of Garden Court, whose house faces Destro's back yard, said some of the light- seers make noise or leave fast-food trash behind; when the lights are off, some even yell at Destro to turn them on. On the bright side, she said, it only lasts a few weeks. "The lights themselves are nice, but it's hard to live with," she said.

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