Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Cadillac man wins Elvis contest

Some people are born with two left feet --others a green thumb. James Warner was born with a voice just like Elvis.

What's a man to do - fight to get back on the assembly line after layoffs? Or toss his cape into the ring with 35,000 other Elvis impersonators?

Warner has had just enough success to make the choice a no-brainer. He received standing ovations last summer after a performance at Elvis Week 2004 on the grounds of Graceland. He watched two women fight over the belt he threw into the crowd. And he recently won a Top 10 People's Choice award as best Elvis singer from a popular Web site, snagging him two performances in Quebec this winter.

"I try not to be like the other guys," he said. "I'm just myself. Some of these guys are really annoying and it makes my skin crawl to be around some of them. They make a mockery of it. There are a few really good ones."

He doesn't mimic Elvis. He doesn't do cheesy karate chops or spend thousands of dollars on jumpsuits.

"People want to hear singing," he theorized. "They don't want a karate demonstration. I don't want to be an Elvis impersonator impersonator."

from Cadillac, MI


Anonymous Anonymous said...

James warner is my uncle. I am very proud of him and i look forward to more shows and i support him through all of his choices.

7:00 PM  

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