Monday, January 17, 2005

I Am A Teenage Elvis

Paul, 13, Toronto, Canada

My family are proud of me, I guess. It's kind of funny because no one else in my family has any musical talent at all. Maybe my mum started it by playing Elvis to me from an early age.

We did a lesson on Elvis in class this week. They usually do a small bit on Elvis in this unit on entertainment. My teacher knows my friends call me Elvis, and my friends said we want a whole lesson on Elvis, so he said OK.

My friends said it wasn't fair as if we had a test I'd get all the questions right!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can you do school and concerts aswell?its not fair coz im 13 aswell.(andrew broksie newcastle upon tyne north shields,england.)i only have the gold lam`e jacket.thats pretty what i can afford for the moment coz some suits r over 1000 pounds.(dollars.)ive loved elvis ever since i can remember.i`m desperate to do proper concerts.please help me.i did concerts for family and friends and thats it.a concert at school infront of nearly the full school for fun.always singing every single time i`m at my dads.if my parents think that elvis is taking over my life they should let it happen coz when i`m older(and just left school at 16.) i will do elvis tribute concerts around the PLEASE help me with concerts around england.every time i see other people do concerts i feel upset because it is unfair on me whose such a big elvis fan.i would love to do the concerts with you if you don`t mind.i just want my biggest ever dream to come true.hope you understand.please e-mail me back at
i`m the biggest elvis fan in my school and in my street.i`m a bit upset here and forever will be until my biggest ever dream comes true.

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