Thursday, January 20, 2005

You've Bought The Water, Now Buy The Cup

A few weeks ago Wade Jones sold a vial of water on ebay that supposedly was backwash from Elvis. Jones made $455. Now he's selling the sytrofoam cup. But this time it's for a charity in Boulder, CO.

Though now kept in a protective suitcase labeled "The Elvis Cup Tour," this relic of rock has been on one long, strange trip. According to its owner, Wade Jones, he snagged the cup after sneaking on stage and rooting through a trash bin following a Presley concert in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1977...

On Tuesday, January 25, the polystyrene wonder will be on display at the Boulder Theater as part of Nutballz Night Out, a fundraiser for the Center for Celiac Research...

Hosted by local Elvis impersonator Charles King, the 21-and-over event includes food, a raffle, and entertainment by DJ Ivy, Jyemo & the Extended Family and others. Guests can have their pictures taken with the coveted cup for $1, while Elvis and Marilyn look-alike contests round out the evening's fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Elvis Cup will be making appearances in association with BackBeat Tours in Memphis.
(Humes High School, Sun Studios, Overton Park Shell, Lansky Bros, )
a luncheon for the Elvis Cup will be held at the Blues City Cafe ( Beale Street )in Memphis on June 29-July 1st.

I'm Wade Jones..the "Elvis Cup Guy"
visit my website to see the history and photos from some tour dates...

I'm the one who sold 3 tablespoons of Elvis' water (from the cup) for $455.00 on eBay..then, I turned around and auctioned off an "appearance" of the cup on eBay for over $3,000.00...Now, I'm touring with the Elvis Cup, making public appearances. (approx 21 appearances in 2005, 3 already in 2006...and a big appearance in June ( Memphis,TN )

I've been in TIME, NEWSWEEK,USA Today,US Weekly,Rolling Stone,CNN, FOX News,MSNBC,Jay Leno..and tons of websites,newspapers,and radio/news shows around the world.
I'd be glad to talk to you about the "Elvis Cup" phenomenon....

A Filipino Elvis Impersonator (Renelvis) recorded a song "The Elvis Cup" ( a Tribute to the Elvis Cup) see my website for photos

visit my website:

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