Sunday, February 13, 2005

Bruce Borders, Indiana State Representative

The continuing adventures of Bruce Borders, new politician/seasoned Elvis Impersonator.
(Indianapolis – February 10, 2005) - State Representative Bruce Borders is also a professional Elvis impersonator.The freshman Republican from Jasonville has not yet displayed his talents on the House floor, but gave an unusual sales pitch for his first piece of legislation Thursday morning.

Borders closed the debate on House Bill 1402 by giving a speech made up of lyrics from Elvis songs.

“This bill is a simple bill that shouldn't result in suspicious minds or leave any of you, my esteemed colleagues, all shook up. I humbly ask that you don't be cruel, don't be a hounddog. Please love me tender by supporting House Bill 1402,” Borders said.

The bill passed easily.

WISH-TV Channel 8, Indianapolis


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