Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Favorite Political Elvi Venue

The State Capital Rotunda in New Mexico is a popular venue for everything from political speeches to Elvis.

At center stage, a red-haired man dressed in black gyrates Elvis-like to an electric guitar being strummed behind him. The around 24 audience members have figured out that the bolo-tie-wearing man-in-black is an actor portraying Gov. Bill Richardson. He's in a play that supposes the governor was once an Elvis impersonator. You can figure that much out by his actions. But unless he's shouting, not so much by his words.

Why? Because while the Roundhouse rotunda might be the most popular place in the state to hold a news conference, show off a dance troupe or fire up a mariachi, it has all the acoustics of a middle-school gymnasium.

"It's awful. The acoustics are just terrible," said the actor, Charles Pike of Chicago's Prop Thtr, who took his show to the rotunda last week with Albuquerque's Tricklock Theater Company. "But it's a thrill to perform here. It's the best gig in the state."

And if you don't believe it, consider that the place is more booked than a Downtown dance club.

from the Albuquerque Tribune


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