Thursday, February 10, 2005

Harrodsburg resident idolizes, impersonates Elvis

Jason Paul Sester was only about a year old when The King himself, Elvis Presley, died in 1977. But that hasn't kept the Harrodsburg resident from idolizing this legend from a previous era.

"I've always admired Elvis," says Sester. "I learned his music - I learned it from when I was a kid on up. I learned how to sing like him, learned the movements, the dances, the vocals. When I was a kid, I always liked Elvis. My adopted mom liked Elvis and encouraged me to live my dream, my goals, and do what I like to do in life. I'd listen to Elvis on the radio - I'd always change it to the oldies station.

"When I got up into it more, I started carrying a torch more and following the dreams and goals he'd be proud of me doing."

Read more on Jason Paul Sester from JENNIFER BRUMMETT,
Staff Writer on The Advocate Messenger of Danville, KY


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