Thursday, April 28, 2005

7-Year-Old Elvis

Sean Sharp, who's 7 and lives in Indian Trail, is an award-winning Elvis impersonator. He's already got four years of experience under his wide Elvis belt.

Sean's mom, Lynn, said she and her husband, Warren, like Elvis, one of man artists they listen to. As a baby, Sean often was rocked to sleep with Elvis tunes playing in the background.

When Sean was 3, he chose an Elvis costume out of a catalog to wear for Halloween. It arrived early, and Lynn and Warren let him put it on for an Elvis impersonator show they were attending, thinking lots of fans would come dressed like the king. But Sean was the only one in Elvis attire. After the show, the Elvis impersonator told Sean if he came to another show, he'd put him on stage.

from the Charlotte Observer and MARTY MINCHIN

Sean's website


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