Sunday, April 17, 2005

Elvi Set Record

Elvis impersonators of every shape and size have congregated in London department store Selfridges to set a new world record.

One 'Elvis' explained: "Well, we are going to try and make the world record of number of Elvises singing 'Viva Las Vegas' at the same time. We are going to aim for 100 Elvises. To have it done in London I think it's great because these things are always kept to the States, you know they set the records themselves, but we are doing it here in London and it will be a great honour to take part in it."

Guinness World Record adjudicator Laura Hughes witnessed the event and confirmed that it was a new record.

She said: "Well today they've set a Guinness World Record for having the most Elvis impersonators singing in one location. They had 77 Elvises all fully dressed with their wigs and their glasses."

Elvis impersonator Gary Gibson was pleased with the Elvises achievements, adding: "Well, I think this is great for Elvis. I mean if it carries on, Elvis is never going to die."


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