Monday, May 30, 2005

A Trio of Links

Is it raining on your holiday? Or just trying to escape the yardwork like me? Here's some quick links to three stories this weekend.

Tupelo Hardware
"The story goes," said Howard Hite, whose wife's grandfather founded the store in 1926, "that Elvis saw a .22 rifle on the wall. His mother said no to the rifle, which upset him and made him cry. Forrest Bobo, a friend of the family who worked in the store for 20 years, offered him a guitar instead." Elvis sat on a wood box behind the showcase and strummed the guitar awhile, then said he didn't have enough money, which he had earned from running errands. It cost $7.75 plus 2 percent tax. His mother told him that if he would buy the guitar instead of the rifle she would pay the difference. "We like to think Tupelo Hardware had an influence on his music," said Hite, "and certainly his career. We're proud to be part of it."
Elvis and Artist

During the show, Hull did something not many Elvis impressionists can do - he spray-painted an Elvis mural while he sang "Memories." The painting was then auctioned off, with the money going to The Villages Community Philharmonic Orchestra.During the first show, the mural sold for $1,500.The Jordanaires, Presley's backing vocalists, were so impressed with Hull's paintings that they autographed one of the murals, and it sold for $3,750.

From Elvis to Jesus

This Sunday, you’re at Calvary Chapel-Houston, where the nursery resembles a fire station, youth Sunday school becomes an electronic, multimedia experience, and the high school set enjoys Foosball, air hockey, pool, a big-screen TV with X-Box and its own worship center... The on-site Starbucks is in what was once a package store. There are ministries to every area of modern life from the homeless to skaters to rodeo cowboys.Perhaps Calvary is best known for its traveling skateboard event, Shredfest... Randy Castillo is the assistant pastor who runs this event... Castillo never expected to become a religious person — much less a minister.A one-time Elvis impersonator, he began at Calvary a dozen years ago when there were only 12 in attendance. A thousand are present today.


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